Who Is Your Beloved?


The Beloved: Alchemy & The Beloved


The real beloved is that one who is unique,
who is your beginning and your end.
When you find that one,
you'll no longer expect anything else:
that is both the manifest and the mystery.

- Jalaludin Rumi (Masnavi)


Bee Love D

A beloved is someone with whom we share unusual depths of both personal and universal love. It is recognized by the bond the two people share ... a love that endures beyond and yet represents the alpha and omega.

Like the flow of the Tao, it can not be named or defined. The experience of a beloved relationship exists beyond the reach of words. Like the Tau, it cannot be measured or observed directly. It is experienced both in physical reality and outside of it, yet it transcends both.

With a beloved, you can explore the depths of the Universe ... because you are no longer bound by the limits of physical reality. Past, present and future become like the black and white keys of a keyboard.Language becomes green. Life and the world take on new meaning. And thoughts, senses and experiences can be shared.

It is a relationship that defines paradoxes, as well as spits them out for breakfast.


A New Definition

For those of you who like dictionaries and new Words ...

beloved (B love Ed) noun 1. someone with whom you create and share love that transcends the limits of space and time 2. a person with whom you experience personal, enduring, insights about love and remarkable experiences of reality 3. a person with whom you make, refine and purify universal love 4. someone who embodies the universal principle of love and evokes universal expressions of loving the Self


Learning More

Yes, a lean ring does help you learn. Here are a few places to look for ideas ...

Beloved Movies

What make sis hard to learn about beloved relationships, is that so often they are private internal experiences that are hard to capture on the screen or on paper. But here are a few films to get you started ...

movies - New World, Pride & Prejudice, The Beloved.


Beloved Inspired Poetry & Manuscripts

Some of the world's most beautiful and erotic poetry was inspired by a beloved ... as well as some of the world's most interesting stories and ideas.




The Subject Tonight Is Love: 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz (Compass)  

This is a book of love poems by my favorite Sufi poet - Hafiz of the 12th Century - who wrote of the mystical relationship with a great love, The Beloved.


The Gift  by Hafiz (translated)

More mystical and surreal love poems aimed at the heart of The Beloved.





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