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Love can turn your world upside down, take your breath away and leave you wanting more.

But even though it may color your world or put you into a new orbit ... the people you love can be organized to help you understand where you are in a relationship and what you can expect.


Love often first shows up in the form of friends ... and we learn how to make friends, handle betrayal and overcome misunderstandings. Our first friends come in childhood, and we can often find some of the best friends of our lives. People who grow up with us, understand where we have come from, and the experiences we have lived through.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes ...

True Friends are ones that remain true to themselves and us. We know where they stand, and it is usually by our sides, even when we are in the wrong.

Fast Friends are ones that are made in an instant, and they often stick by us as long as we need them.

Lifelong Friends are there for the long haul, loving us as we age and evolve ... as other friends come and go ... seeing us through the ups and downs of a lifetime of experiences.

Soul Friends are the ones we show part of our soul to, who see a side of us few imagine exists. Brief glimpses of who we truly are ... and who we dream of being.


When friendship blooms into a meeting of the minds, a harmony of values and perspectives, you have found a kindred spirit.

But love can also bloom and friends can turn into crushes, love interests, great loves, the love of your life, a soulmate or beloved and more.




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