Who Is Your Lover?


Lovers: Possibilites of Love Growing Roots


An Affinity in Energy

Are you looking for Mr. Right or the perfect partner? A woman who will truly love you and be by your side? Someone you can grow old with?

We often have ideas of the perfect person ... what we want them to look like, do for a living and value. But lovers come in all sizes and shapes ... bring love into our life in very different ways. And we often lump a variety of different love relationships ... such as a life companion, love of your life, great love, soul mate and beloved ... under the label of lover.

But lovers stand on their own as a category ... and have important differences from the other types of lovers. Unlike friends and kindred spirits ... when two lips meet there is chemistry ... and electricity of physical excitement ... and a rising energy to create love together.

Like the sun pulling life upwards ... lovers cause us to grow. Our hearts awaken, we grow up and our life starts to blossom ... if we are still young. If we are older and the blossom has started to fade ... lovers get our juices flowing and make the fruit of our life sweeter.


A New Definition

For those of you who like dictionaries and new Words ...

lover (lov 'err) noun 1. a person who shares and grows the love inside of you 2. someone who touches your heart and awakens it 3. a person with whom you create love and learn the lessons of love



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