Who Is Your Great Love?


Great Lover Relationship: Paris & Helene of Troy


A Great Love Match

Great loves usually get a lot of attention. Usually because people fear their love will set the world on fire. And they have good reason for believing that.

Great loves are often the spark that sets off great cultural revolutions, overturn outdated traditions, challenge class distinctions, and question the status quo. They are personal relationships often played out on a larger stage, in the public eye ... or part of a growing trend that is emerging into view. And because they all teach us about love and force us to reexamine our own life and relationships .. they can make the people around them ... family, friends and co-workers ... uncomfortable, envious ... and turn them from supporters and allies into detractors and enemies.

The power of the love and depth of passion shared by great loves ... shatters illusions and lives. It sets off fireworks and lights up the darkness in our lives ... leaving us shaken and transformed. Public great loves can feel like volcanoes erupting, shaking the very ground of illusions and false beliefs we have built our lives on.

Great rewards come at great risk ... and great loves promise the world if we are willing to give up the one we have grown up in. Properly prepared, great loves can become the defining moment in our lives, the center about which our lives begin to pivot. But the pole shift can also disrupt every major relationship we have ...

Examples of great loves include ... Romeo and Juliet, Paris and Helen of Troy, Anthony and Cleopatra, and King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.


A New Definition

For those of you who like dictionaries and new Words ...

great love (gr8 lofe) noun 1. a person with whom you share a deep passion and enduring bond of love 2. someone with whom you form a sun and moon relationship of love, 3. a love relationship often requiring the overcoming of major cultural obstacles, traditions, class distinctions or false beliefs


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Sometimes the best way to see a great love is to watch it on the silver screen.




The Subject Tonight Is Love: 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz (Compass)  

This is a book of love poems by my favorite Sufi poet - Hafiz of the 12th Century - who wrote of the mystical relationship with a great love, the Beloved.




Romeo and Juliet




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