Who Is Your Kindred Spirit?


Kindred Spirits


An Affinity in Energy

Are you looking for people who "get you"? Who seem to be on the same wavelength you are?

What you may be looking for is more than just a friend ... you may be looking for a kindred spirit.

Kindred spirits can often sense what you are thinking and feeling. They can understand intuitive and immediately what things mean to you and why you react to life events. They often read situations the same way you do, and have similar insights ... or understand yours.

Kindred spirits are often understand each other at a deep level because their energies are in harmony and balance. And that means they often share values and perspectives at a core level. But unlike twin flames, they do not have the same energy pattern or flows.

So kindred spirits often come in some very different outside packaging. And at first glance it may seem like an odd pairing ... but sit down and see them in action and it becomes quickly apparent that have a groove, a bond, an understanding between them that requires no words.

Between them, glances speak volumes ... a raised eyebrow can mean the world ... and where one sentence begins ...


A New Definition

For those of you who like dictionaries and new Words ...

kindred spirit (ken d.red spear IT) noun 1. a person who has a similar spirit 2. someone on the same wavelength who you mutually connect with and understand on a deep, inner level beyond words 3. a person with whom you have a strong or unusual affinity










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