Who Is Your Soul Mate?


Soul.mats.E : Soulmates ... Sols. U. M*


Two Essences in Harmony

The idea of soul mates has been floated across the centuries as a very special relationship between two souls .. sols.u(night).

Like two kids that hold onto each other, grasping who the other is ... and yet free with the other hand to discover themselves and the world around them. Soul mates can work as a team to accomplish something ... to illuminate the world ... to help others evolve ... or just hang out and rescue each other.

Often the work they do in each other lives is hidden ... active on a subconscious, unconscious or very subtle energy level. Yet the effects can be startling, life changing and full of energy.

From awakening you to the life you are leading ... to helping you follow your life mission ... soul mates are there active in your life, playing with your senses and changing the ground of reality under your feet.


A New Definition

For those of you who like dictionaries and new Words ...

soul mate (sol m8) noun 1. a person who is in harmony with your essence and works directly with your energy 2. someone who holds the keys to your life 3. a person who awakens you to your own life and sets you on the path to self discovery




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