Who Is Your Life Companion?


Life Companion


Sharing A Life of Experiences

Are you looking for someone to share your life with? Someone who will stay by your side through thick and thin? Someone who will be there for the better and worse ... in sickness and in health?

If so, then you are probably looking for a life companion. Someone to share the struggles, heartache, joys and triumphs of your life with. A companion, a first mate, a trusted ally to help you navigate the rough seas of life.

If so, you are looking for someone who understands trust, loyalty, and sticking by your man (or woman). Who shares your values and wants to share your life. And in return, are provided with the necessities (or luxuries) of life.

Based on mutual interests, attraction or values ... love is not a requirement for the relationship. But it can grow, flourish or languish ... in this type of arrangement. Physical companionship and emotional closeness are also optional but can become an important component of the relationship.


A New Definition

For those of you who like dictionaries and new Words ...

life companion (life come pan yawn) noun 1. a person who will share your life and act as your major partner 2. someone you trust to raise your kids, manage the household and act on your behalf in return for housing, clothing, food, physical companionship and a long term relationship



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