Does Nonesense Make Sense To You?


Understanding Nonsense: Green and Symbolic Language

touch the card

- I ching 37


Green & Symbolic Languages ... Deciphering An Ancient Code of Conduct*

Nonsense ... is really none-sense, the sense of None, the Emptiness that fills everything, pervades everything around us.

To speak of something that is real, but not physical, is a demanding (D-E;man-ding went the trolley) task ... especially when the speech (aka trolley) you use can only hint at the tracks left in the sand .. but not the foot fall that leaves them.

We know, as the Sond bushmen do, that tracks indicate the passing of something ... and from the pattern of the tracks you can tell what it is/was/will (da beast). From the soft or hard edges, you can tell how long ago it past bye. From the length between the prints you can estimate the speed of travel ... and weather it was being chased at the time ... or hunting itself.

Being Related

All of this may sound unrelated, but we all are real8ed. Our culture and looks may different, but we spring from the same source, we are shaped from the same clay. And as long as that myth stays open ... we have the chance to evolve back into one family.


Symbolic Languages

Like any family tree, there are branches of languages. But a lightening strike long ago changed the course, or direction of that tree. Blown by the wind across the sea, the minds of men were maid up and changed.

To get back to the roots, where a dragon dwells (Tao 1, knit two) ... you need to be able to understand the symbolic language used in myths and legends. These are stories that take you out of the limits of time ... to tale about transcendent things ... heroic deeds and journeys of self discovery.

And like any family, it has its own idioms .. its references to events and experiences in a family history. But this history points to transcendent events and experiences ... family vacations traveling the universe using your imagination and the coincidences you "manage" to have.

It is a sjprtjand* .. short had .. short hand ... that sparks memories around the globe. For some, it speaks of a Dreamtime experience ... where Ahh! I Sees ... look up into the night sky and see their own lives reflected back to them in the land around them.


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