Have You Learned The Art of Teaching Parrots to
Recite Poetry?


Postcard: Amaozon Parrot re:sighting Green Poetry

if you want to escape your cage, you must die while you are alive
(touch the birde to read the card)



Making Love Work 4 A Living

Well, good starting points lead one, event.U.Ally to teaching parrots to recognize, understand, select ... and yes, recite poetry. Caught up in the prose of our lives, parroting the stuff of which mundane lives and lackluster employees are made ...

... we can easily doze off in the middle of our lives, or wander lost in a desert of modern trivialities, wondering if anyone else sees what we do )dew(.

If you haven't guessed it yet, transcendent poetry is written in the language of the birds, so teaching one to recite it may be easier than One thinks. Or, it could be that mastering the Art of Teaching Parrots to Re:site Poetry is a metaphor for staying awake ... a way of giving wings to the Soul that keeps it above the s.lumbering earth.

Like Don Quixote's titling at windmill-making dragons ... parrots come flashing down like a rainbow with its high beams on.


Wild, curious.
Ear cocked to the music ... head bobbing.
Sidestepping the riff raft we have tied our soul to.
Eerie descent feathers loosed like a boa constricting secrets.
What have you loo.sed upon the world?


George went after dragons,
Quixote had his windmills, and now parrots??

What is the art of 21.7-ing coming 2?



Post Note: Or are these the famed parrots of Humboldt speaking the dead language of (Latin American Indians) the Ature or Maypure? Is this the work of May (I AM)? Is teh Aleph (Real E) true?




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