Curious About The Three Paths of Light?


Life WAy Freedom (26) Postcard ... On The Noble Path, Running on Water To the New Shalom Jeu

touch the card to read the other side


Powers To Perfect & Complete

I see three paths of light that take you to enlightenment if that is your life goal. Here are a few ideas about them.

Climbing The Summit

When you undertake the process to know yourself and become one with the Universe, the light and the dark ... you begin a climb many have taken before you. The path that is worn is no less worthy because others have traveled this way, stumbled over its roots and wandered its scenic vistas.

The journey of the noble path begins with a ferry .. although you can choose large or small. But two other paths beckon to be considered ... like beacons in the night they too shine for travels and seekers of light.

All of them lead to the Pali word ... samma ... the completeness, wholeness, perfection ... of a summit path. Like choosing the doors of Monty Hall, behind every door lies a prize.

The Noble Path

The Buddha of the Bodhi Tree found light by touching the EArth we all share. And found that the Earth was as unbounded as his mind was able to grasp.

Attributes Without Bounds or Measure

The right understanding of these ideas blossoms virtues across 12 realms ... or reams of paper, un4told.


The Hermetic Path

ALchemists seek to understand and work with the creative forces of the Universe to complete the Great Work. If you follow this path, you will be interested in understanding the ...


Finding Your Own Path

Some like to forge their own path towards the light ... as the Bud-Ha! and alchemist dodder seeds. If you wish to sow your own, here are a few ideas ...



* Note: At the fold of the eight, we see the intersection (Inter.Sect.Sun) of the loop of infinity. The sum of IT (i+t = 310 to Uma, hvhy=26, the eay of freedom) could be key 15 + key 21/8





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