The Art & Symbols of the Way of Unity


Here are a few of the ideas about the art and symbols of Unity. If you really enjoy symbols and want to explore more, you can check out my symbols or these great online resources ...

  • is a good starting point if you want a quick glance at symbols. They have a nice overview including religious by cultures, Celtic, Chinese and more ...
  • is a great online reference that comes in book form as well -- a good thing to check out from your local Books . Use the keyword search and find the symbols that fit it.


Way of Unity (Sun goes dark)

Is this the Sun going dark or the view of an enlightened Earth from space? Is this how eyes that see light perceive our world? Is unity a product of a conception rat.her than a purr.ception? Often art raises more questions than it answers, but the pursuit of quest.eye.ons can be full of de.light.

Facing The Music Stamp

More than a stamp of approval, this flow of 25 is about the unity of music that makes all feet tap -- whether to swing, jazz, the blues, ragtime or a pop hit. Music makes your day and a great song can inspire you to head in a new direction or stick with a repetitive task -- by keeping your head in the Groove.

Unity Symbol Stamps

Unity Symbol STamps

A plate of Unity symbols served up with a side of coleslaw. (hmm ... time for lunch! will Finnish this later ...)

Unity SYmbol

Unity Symbol


Hermetic Unity

Hermetic Unity Symbol

A serpent twisted into a figure 8 with a crescent moon overhead and a six sided star at his head. Who will be stepping on the Moon and who will be biting the Solomon Star's heals? And what is twisting it into noughts of infinity?

Chi9knees Word

Chinese Unity Symbol

Solomon Star

Unity Symbol - Solomon Star

Alchemical Androgyny

Unity Symbol - Alchemical Androgyne

Solomon Unity Lizard

solomon Unity Symbol Lizard

Adinkra Unity Symbol

Adinkra Unity Symbol

Nsibidi (African) Unity Symbol

Unity Symbol - Bow

Nsibidi (African) Unity Symbol

Unity Symbol - Bows

Divine Unity in Hebrew

Divine Unity Symbol in Hebrew echad

Cosmic Unity in Hebrew

Cosmic Unity Symbol .. yechidah

Chain of Links (key 5)

Chain of Fools - Unity Symbol

This chain of links plays with our sense of connections, size and relationship. Hyperlinks on the Internet display some of the same characteristics.


















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P. P. S. The funny spelling and word play is a bit of green language.


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