Do You Know The Five Reasons Jobs Go Bad?


how to cope with a bad job

Has your job become a job from hell? Not sure why your dream job went bad? If so, you are not alone.

It can be hard to face the fact that jobs evolve, and some can go from great to gruesome almost overnight.

There are a lot of reasons your job has turned into a clunker .. or worse. Take a moment and see if any of these common five reasons apply to your situation.

Reason #1 - You were missing one of the five aspects of Great Work.

Sometimes in the excitement of finding a great job, we settle for one that is missing one of the eight aspects of work you love. However, once the excitement and newness starts to wear off, you can start to sense something is not right.


Reason #2 - You were missing a key ingredient of your dream job.

We discovered that there are 30+ ingredients in your recipe for the perfect work. If you are missing one that is essential to your on-the-job happiness, your dream job could start to go sour. Too often, we discover what these ingredients are when we find one of them missing.


Reason #3 - You found "a fly in the ointment" problem that spoiled the job.

Sometimes, instead of lacking anything, your dream job has an extra ingredient that spoils the work. There are a lot of "flies" that can ruin a perfectly good job. For example ...

Often, "jobs from hell" are jobs that contain too many of these for us to cope with. Unfortunately, "flies in the ointment" usually get discovered after you are hired.


Reason #4 - Something about the job changed.

Like the old wedding adage, it could be "something old" that is gone or "something new", but whatever it is -- it is making you blue. Maybe the old timers or original values are gone, perhaps you have a new boss, or maybe your department got re-organized and your job has changed. Whatever it is, the "dream" part is gone and now your work is fast becoming just another job.


Reason #5 - The job you were hired to do is not the one you ended up with.

Sometimes, the description of the job sounds perfect when you are interviewing. But soon after you start, or over time, the description does not match up the day to day reality. There are a number of reasons why this can happen.

Whatever the cause, the problem is one of unfulfilled expectations. What you expected does not materialize, and the job you signed on for is a far cry from what you do every day.


The Next Step

If any of these reasons sounded like they fit you, you will want to read more about jobs gone bad ...


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