Do You Know What Love Is?



"What exactly is love?" I asked quietly. I had been wondering about that for a very long time.

"If you are expecting a quick answer, you are out of luck. Love is a verb, and takes many forms. So it is not an easy matter to describe, because it is an essence, an ephemeral essence of soul dancing on water ... of light playing with the sum and substance of the world.

"Does that definition help?" she asked as she looked up at me.

I had to laugh. "No ... and I guess yes," I replied.

"Not what you were expecting." She smiled.

"Before you can know what love is, you have to experience it. And it comes in many forms, as I said, so it takes time. For some a whole lifetime."

I winced at that news.

"And the tricky part is you have to give it to yourself, before you have enough to give truly to someone else." The Wise Woman looked back down at her work.





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