Do You Know How To Know Someone?




How Do You Really Get To Know Someone

It can be really hard, in modern life ... to really take the time to get to know someone. Speed dating and zipping past people in the bookstore ... or eyeing them while you are working out on a treadmill ... just makes it hard to reach a deep understanding of who someone is.

So how in this hectic world, do you really get to know someone without investing a world of time? The answer lies in questions. Asking insigh*ful questions that let someone relax, share some interesting stuff about themselves.

If you ask the right questions, you both will discover some great stuff about who they are and the life journey they are on.


Getting To Know What Inspires You Questions


Getting To Know What Moves You Questions


For more ideas of things to talk about, you can also look at the personal questions that help reveal what your bliss is.


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