How Much Do You Know About Your Potential?




Quiz 1: Personal Potential & You

Do you know what your potential is? Do you know what you excel at? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about your potential. It's fast, fun and easy to do.

Below are three simple questions which quickly reveal how much you already know and get you thinking about your potential. ((If you already suspect that you are clueless about what you excel at, don't panic. Just take the quiz so we can point you in the direction of the tools and guidebooks you need to figure it all out.))

At the end of the quiz, we help you create a score and put your score into real world terms. Then we help you take the next step by interpreting what your score means, explaining why you got it, and giving you links to the pages and tools you need to improve your score and figure out who you are and who you can become.



You can print this page out or write your answers down in a notebook. But keep a copy in case you decide you want to take this quiz again later to see how much you have learned.

Write down your initial response to each question no matter how silly or strange it sounds.Then, take a few moments to think about the question more deeply and write until you feel comfortable with your response.

Do not worry if you find it hard to answer or you do not have much to say. These are deceptively simple questions that probe into the heart of who you are and who you want to become. And we give you lots of ways to help improve your score once you know what it is.


Start The Quiz

Instructions: Write down in the space below whatever comes to you when you are asked:

Question 1: Do you know what your gifts and talents are? If so, can you list your top five or ten?




Question 2: Do you know what you really want to do with your life? If so, can you put it into words?





Question 3: Do you know how to create the life you want to live. If so, can you write down the path you intend to take?





Score Your Answers

Now it is time to look at what you wrote and see what it reveals about you. For each question, give yourself:

Next, add up the scores from all three answers (0 to 99). Write this total score in the space below.

Total Score: _______

Now choose the option below completes the sentence and best expresses how well you know your potential, based on your score and your own gut feelings.

"I Have ________ What My Potential Is!"

To interpret your results, click on the option you chose and it will take you to the appropriate results section.



Interpreting Your Score


I Have No Idea What My Potential Is

There are many reasons why you may have had trouble answering these questions. The good news is you have the most to gain from discovering your potential. Like many people, you probably have never had the opportunity to discover who you are and who you could become. Our site has lots to offer you.

  1. If you have not already done so, read about your potential and how knowing it can change your life.

  2. Next, learn more about the nine kinds of ingredients that describe your work potential (aka bliss).


I Have A Vague Idea What My Potential Is

You have some idea of who you could become, but your answers could use more detail and definition. If you have not done so already ...

  1. Read about your potential and how knowing it can change your life.

  2. Learn about the key ingredients that make up a recipe which defines your work potential and read more about your gifts and talents.



I Have Some Idea What My Potential Is

You wrote down some detailed answers which probably included ...

Since you have some idea of what your potential is, consider taking the next two quizzes:

If you want to understand more about your potential, read about your potential and explore the recipe ingredients that define your work potential. Then consider using one of our guide to discover your own potential:


I Have A Detailed Idea What My Potential Is

If you feel confident that you described exactly who you can become and how to do it, that is terrific!. You are ready to take the next two quizzes:





Discover Your Personal Potential

Guide: How To Discover Your Potential



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