How Much Do You Use Your Potential?



Quiz 3: Using Your Personal Potential EVeryday*

How much of your day do you spend using your gifts and talents, doing what you love and following your life calling? Are you living the life you dream of? This quiz will help you find out how much of your potential you are using by taking a closer at four major aspects of your potential ...

If you want to get a quick feel for the bottom line of how much you are living the life you were meant to -- this quiz is for you. At the end, we help you calculate a score, interpret it and find links to helpful tools and pages if you want to raise it.



Like the first and second quizzes, you can take this quiz online or print this page out. It is a good idea to keep a copy in case you decide you want to take this quiz again later to see how much you have changed.

Since this quiz is based on knowing and evaluating many of the ingredients that define your potential, you will want to use any lists you have already created. You can use the list of your top gifts and talents you made in Quiz One and Quiz Two. If you need help creating a list of what you love, your compelling issues, and your life calling -- use these links.

Start The Quiz

My Gifts & Talents

Instructions: Write down a list of your top 5 - 10 gifts and talents. Then estimate or make an educated guess about how much of your day you spend using them.

My Top 5-10 Gifts & Talents



I Think I Spend ________ % of My Day Using My Gifts & Talents.

What I Love To Do

Instructions: Write down a list of the top 10 - 20 activities and tasks you are passionate about. Then estimate or make an educated guess how much of your day you spend doing them.

The Activities I Love To Do


I Think I Spend ________ % of My Day Doing What I Love

What I Care About

Instructions: Write down a list of the top 3 - 5 problems, issues or needs you feel compelled or love to work on. Then estimate or make an educated guess how much of your day you spend working on them.

The Issues & Problems I Care About




I Think I Spend ________ % of My Day Working On The Issues & Problems I Care Most About

My Life Calling

Some people feel like they are being called to accomplish something specific with their life. If you feel this way, complete this section. Focus on how much you actively "do" your life calling instead of just "thinking" about it. If you do not yet know what your calling is, you can leave this part blank and go to the scoring section.

Instructions: Write down a brief description of what you feel called to do. Then estimate or make an educated guess how much of your day you spend actually doing it.

I Feel My Life Calling Is To:





I Think I Spend ________ % of My Day Doing My Life Calling

Score Your Answers

Using My Potential

Copy the estimates into the spaces provided below so you can see them all together. This should give you a quick feel for how much you are using the four major aspects that define your potential.

Percentage of my day I spend:

Using My Gifts & Talents: _______%
Doing What I Love: __________%
Working On Issues: __________%
Doing My Life Calling: __________%

(If you would like to work on increasing any of these numbers, come back after you have complete the next section on Living A Life I Love. Clicking on a link above will take you to the appropriate section.)


Living A Life I Love

The icing on the cake is looking at how all these ingredients come together. So, now take a moment and estimate how much of your day you spend living the life you want to live - - the extraordinary life you dream of, the life you were meant to live.

I Spend ________ % of My Day Living A Life I Love

Are you surprised at what your final number is? Do you want it to be higher? If so, read about living more of the life you love.



Interpreting Your Score


Using More of My Gifts & Talents

Since our world is skills and action oriented, this is a good place to start investing your time. The first thing to do is understand why you are not using more of your gifts and talents now.

You may have a low percentage if you have focused more on acquiring the standard abilities typically taught in schools, recognized by parents and focused on at work -- instead of developing your gifts and talents.



Doing More of What I Love

To start spending more of your day doing what you love, you want to make sure that you know exactly what that is.


Working More On Compelling Issues

This is one area that many of us overlook when we evaluate a job offer. We focus on the salary, title and benefits -- and end up overlooking what makes each hour spent on the job meaningful.


Doing More of My Life Calling

It can be challenging to translate a vision of how you want to impact or improve the world into your everyday life. Often we end up dreaming on the weekends and spending our weekdays focused on paying the bills.


Living More of The Life I Love

Flour, sugar, eggs and water must be combined in the right proportions to make a cake. To make a life you love, you need to properly combine nine essential ingredients into a recipe for living the life you dream of, which we envision as ...

You need to have all the ingredients and combine them together in the right way. For example, if you are using your gifts and talents you will have a high 'using my gifts and talents' percentage. But if you are not using them on the issues you truly care about, you will have a low overall percentage.

So take a moment and compare your individual scores to your overall ones, and see it you can identify what is causing the low score. Is it one low area, a missing ingredient, or how you are combining them together?

If you really want to start living the life you dream of, we recommend that you start first by doing what you love for a living. Working is how you spend most of your day. And excelling there should pay you handsomely enough to be able to afford the resources and time to do more of what you love.





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