Interested In The Giraffe, the Pig, and the Pants on Fire?



How Do You Know Who Loves You?

I had been waiting to ask that question for a while.

"Some people," said the Wise Woman, "tell you they love you as they are walking out the door or asking for a favor. But true love helps you become who you are .. who you dream of becoming. Someone who loves you helps you take the next step in the journey of becoming who you are."

I nodded. "That makes perfect sense to me. But such people don't exist. Or else .. I would have found one by now .... err right?"

The Wise Woman laughed and pointed around the room. "Love is everywhere. All you have to do is look for the giraffe, the pig and the pants on fire."

Her smile told me more than her words ... and encouraged me to take a moment and think about my life. I covered it with making a quick survey of the room's contents ... just to make sure there was nothing on fire.

The candle light flickered back to me and held the secrets of the room's contents in its shadows. I looked up and saw a stuffed ... was it a duck billed platypus ?... handing from the rafters, along with bunches of lavender, sage, rosemary and time.

"Time often hangs in the balance," the Wise woman replied as she followed my eyes around the room.

I had to laugh at that. "And what lies on the other side?" I asked.

"Hmmm." I could see her thinking for a moment. "Love, gold, a feather of aspiration. Sometimes a tale on fire .. but not often. Not nearly often enough."

"And what about giraffes and pigs? Do they hang around anywhere?" I glanced into the darkest corner ...

"Yes," she answered. "But go looking for them online and see what I mean."

I laughed. "Seriously?"

A raised eyebrow was the only reply I got.

"Why not?" I thought to myself. In 30 seconds I would have an answer to a riddle I had long been hoping to solve.





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