My Life's Work:
I Want to Become A .... Bush Chef



A Career Oriented List ...

Once you have an ingredient list and you test drive it, you can refine it and group the items in a way that makes more sense and reflects the career clusters or life paths you might be interested in.

Here is the unorganized list of life work ingredients ...

Grouping Into Career Clusters

The test driven list is now arranged into life paths to give it some order and show the relationship between all the categories. In this example, you can start to see the emergence of a lot of life path 2 (chef/cook) items, as well as life path 5 (adventurer) and life path 3 (storyteller).


Gifts & Talents: What I Am Great At ...

Expressive Theme (Life Path 3)

Writing Theme (Life Path 3)

Research & Exploring Theme (Life Path 7 & 1)


Things I Love: What I Want To Work With ...


Activities I Love: What I Would Love To Get Paid To Do ...

Speaking Theme (Life Path 3)

Lobbying Theme (Life Path 3)

Cooking & Exploring Theme (Life Path 2 & 1)


Places I Love: Where I Would Love To Work ...


People I Love: Who I Would Love To Work With ...


Experiences I Love: What Would Make My Workday Amazing

Speaking Theme (Life Path 3)

Researching & Exploring Theme (Life Path 7 & 1)

Writing Theme (Life Path 3)

Cooking Theme (Life Path 2)


What I Would Love To Have An Impact On ...


More Ideas Added On

If you also work on discovering your life calling, purpose and the life you dream of living, you can add on these ideas to your bliss statement.

Life Calling & Purpose: What I Would Love To Do ...


The Life I Dream of Living: I Want To Be a Person Who ...


Creating Job Titles

From this list, when the life calling and life purpose are added ... you can see this person would be ideally suited to becoming a number of things.

The key is being able to put into words the job titles you interested in, so you know what you are looking for and can describe the positions that match your list the best.


Three ideal choices for a profession that would fit are ...

gourmet bush chef for safaris

wildlife storyteller for children or conservation groups

endangered species activist

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