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If Love makes the world go round, wisdom gives it the {in}sirection of its spin.

Although some books are meant to be tasted, others are meant to be thoroughly digested. The trick is not to become too full, and to keep emptying out your mind and you pockets so more can flow into them.

Anything else is sheer dis*aster (two gold stars).


Entering The Tent

The search begins. Are you a man or a mouse ... on becoming wiser


Digging In The Desert

You never know where your treasure is to be found ... nonaction and taking wise action ...


Sweat Equity & Black Holes

Turning the world upside down or rocking your world to sleep ...









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  Game of Wisdom
  Make Sense of Wisdom
  Book of Wisdom
     Table of Contents
     On becoming wiser
     The getting of wisdom
     The superior way
     Wise action
  Book of Wise Sayings
  Book of Hermetic Images
  Art Gallery

Self Discovery
  Journey of Self Discovery
  Identify Lifepath
  Find Your Bliss
  Discover Life Theme
  Discover Life Calling
  Find Life Purpose
  Describe Living Dreams
  Make Dreams Come True
  Art Gallery

  Game of Life
     Fate & Destiny
     Discover Your Potential
  Make Sense of Life
  Art Gallery

  Game of Love
  Make Sense of Love
  Art Gallery

  Game of Work
  Find Great Work
  Take Up Life's Work
     Your Dream Job
     Get Hired
     Your Dream Business
  Art Gallery

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