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"Some people love drama ... I think you call them Drama Queens. Life for them would be boring if there were no major crisis to deal with, no life defining moment underway, no crumbling cliff edge to be narrowly escaped," the Wise Woman said.

"But if all of these are made by the people themselves, then the danger is self-made and self-fulfilling. And who wants to hang around people who manufacture crisis just so you can save them once again ... or hear them tell week after week the same tale ... how close they are to imminent demise ... or they narrowly escaped a self-made gruesome fate?" she asked.

"Don't you have better things to do?"

Now it was my turn to laugh. While she had been talking, I had been thinking about the past. It described so well my relationships with drama queens. Always on the brink of disaster. And she was right, either a prince charming came each time to rescue them ... or they rescued themselves and felt compelled to share for hours with everyone around how clever they were not to fall into the trap (which I was now realizing) they set for themselves.

The Wise Woman watched as the memories played out on my face. The desert mouse moved about the cushions, and part of my life fell into place.

My sigh filled the dry air, and a puff of smoke from an incense burner rose and scented the space with the smell of sweet grass. It reminded me, yet again of the forest and our first meeting.

"How long has it been," I asked.

"You have been lost in thought for a while ... maybe most of your life." Her smile made it easier to understand her answer.

"Wise action starts anywhere. Usually the first wise action people take is finding the Way. And then it is a matter of taking the next wise action. For you, in your life, it seems to be gaining insights that help you make sense of your life. Taking time to gain clarity ... to sit still long enough to look back on your life events and begin to see them with new eyes ... more clarity about what was really going on ... can help you become more peaceful as well as more confident," she explained.

"Confident?" It was the last word I expected to hear. I thought we were taking about wise action.

"How can wise action make me feel more confident?" As soon as I asked the question, I felt foolish. But I knew she would understand.

"Wise action can come in many forms. Laughter for example. There are many times when laughter is the best response ... like when someone asks you to wade in and deal with crocodiles."

"Crocodiles?" I asked.

"Yes. Haven't you ever had a boss or a secret enemy who wanted to get rid of you? So they send you out into the jungle, be it the urban jungle to a different department or the schoolyard jungle, hoping you will lost, or eaten alive ... and never return?" the Wise Woman asked.

"Hmmm. Let me think. I once had a .... heh! Wait a minute. That's not what they were doing, were they? No way. I mean ... No Way." The words tumbled out as my mind raced.

"Relax. There are no crocodiles here. And only you can get a handle on what happened. But knowing people who dislike or hate you can, and do, send you off to fight crocodiles, helps you spot it when it happens and choose the right response, the wisest action to take."

She winked at me.

"Okay. Now you have got me curious." I replied. "Exactly when did someone ..." my voice trailed off as I tried to imagine anyone ...



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