Are You Ready For The Conscious Creation of Capitalism?


Conscious Creation of Capitalism


creating The World consciously ...

Sometimes, you just have to go off the reservation list and discover a new way of doing things .. a new way of working and earning a living. When the wheels of capitalism are stuck in a rut .. new ideas are needed.

Unless you want to be left looking at the sky asking ... Where is My Jeep?

Dreamtime Walkabout

Sparked by a limited future ... a dwindling resource base of algae based energy and material resources, it is time for Geb to get busy cracking the Nuts off the wheel and making a change for ....


The Good & the Ba.d

Sometimes that means a new line of work ... being really good at what you do .. and doing good for everyone on the planet .. past, present and future. It is what the soul of the world wood due.


Hula Girls

Seducing Dr. Lewis

The Full Monty


The True & the False*

Sometimes it means changing what you make, sell or do ... changing your marketing so you use the truth to sell the truth .. and only lie around when there if nothing left to be done ...




the Way of Truth

The Beautiful & the ugly

How do you get an ugly duckling to realize they are a swan .. and use the gifts and talents they have to create something that is balanced and in harmony with the direction the World is moving in ... in a Way that honors the evolution of the Universe.




Sepirah 6: Beauty


The Heroic & the Cowardly Lion

You need a heart ... to gather courage in the truest sense of the Word. In this global economy, the world is your oyster if you can figure out how to be at the ...

right place

at the right time

in the right frame of mind


Finding The Sweet Spot In Life

Its the sweet spot in life ... and when you find it ... you also find what you should do with your life, and the job or business that goes with it. But perhaps you should start with learning more about how to ...

find great work

take up your life's work

browse more movies about Work


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