Are You Fully Present?


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Do not squander time, for that is
the stuff life is made of.

- Benjamin Franklin


Being Fully Present Now ... Is The Present

Do you want to be more present and awake in your life? Do you believe the best present you can give someone is helping them be present in their own life?

Now is the only time we have.

And we must make the most of it -- for all too soon it will be gone, our todays slipping into yesterdays that pile up into a past. And sometimes that past can start to haunt us with all the things, places, people and events that we were too distracted to really see and experience.

You know what it is like ... skating through life, at best being on autopilot ... at worst being fully asleep at the wheel of life until something jolts us awake. Something like the death of a friend, the end of a relationship, a diagnosis that can not be ignored.

All those bumps along the road in life keep us awake and alert, like the reflective bumpers on highway lanes that tell you when you are changing lanes. They remind us to be mindful of where we are now and where we are going.

Being Present Now ....

To stay alert in your life and fully live it, you need to be fully present .. for both the joy and the sorrow ... the pain and the pleasure. So how do you do that?


Tools & Gifts To Stay Fully Present

If you need some help, or want to help someone else be fully present now in their life, I recommend these tools and gifts ...






The Next Step ...

If you want to keep being fully present, the next step is to take some time and write your own personal mission or life purpose statement. It is amazing how much this simple step can change your life.

It works like any meditation tool by giving you something compelling to concentrate on, as well as evaluate every person, event and place in your life. If they are part of reaching your dream of becoming ... a master chef. an airline pilot, a forensic expert or whatever you dream of being ... they keep you awake. If they do not, they distract you and fill your life up with stuff that is taking the place of the essential things and activities you need to make your dreams become real.

You know what I mean -- very few of us dream of becoming expert couch potatoes -- but that is what many of us are doing, putting thousands of hours into watching shows that we forget the next day or until we click and see them on again.

If you want to try something different, use these pages ...


your mission statement
sample statements


your life purpose
sample statements


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