Responding to Environmental Disasters Sample Statement


Issue: End WOrld Hunger

The root of world hunger is poverty ... a lack of food or a lack of money or goods and services to purchase or trade for it.


My Before Statement ...

I want to do something that will bring about the end of suffering from starvation and help the planet as well as the human family. I love to walk farmland and check out the soil and hang out with farmers. Maybe I could help make farmers more productive and help raise the standard of living for subsistence farmers.




My Life's Work Ingredients

To transform this simple statement into a fully detailed vision of your life's work ... you need to go through a process to reveal all the things, activities, talents, experiences, knowledge, problems, people and places you love. When you do, a detailed list of ingredients that make up your life's work emerges ...


Gifts & Talents: What I Am Great At ...



Things I Love: What I Want To Work With ...


Activities I Love: What I Would Love To Get Paid To Do ...


Places I Love: Where I Would Love To Work ...


People I Love: Who I Would Love To Work With ...


Experiences I Love: What Would Make My Workday Amazing



Needs, Problems I Love: What I Would Love To Have An Impact On ...





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