The Path of Venus


Morning Star - Path of Venus (Art Postcard)



The Esoteric Wisdom in The Path of Venus

Looking for ancient wisdom and insights about the Path of Venus? Curious if it is more than just the pattern traced out by the planet Venus as it changes from the Morning Star to the Evening Star?

If so, you have come to the right place.

I think it is most curious that there are several paths of Venus hidden away in esoteric wisdom.

Pentagrams In The Sky

The ancient astronomers knew Venus as the brightest thing in the sky after the two luminaries -- the Sun and the Moon. Considered a star, the planet Venus's path through the heavens was traced by many cultures as the Morning and Evening Stars. In This case, the Morning Star spoke to Venus's position ahead of the Sun in the morning, heralding in the Dawn. As the Evening Star, following the Sun in the sky, the planet was the first star seen at dusk and was always close to the Western horizon.

Tree of Life Path 7

On the Tree of Life, Venus is the 7th Sephirot and so is associated with the number 7. The 7th path on the Tree of Life runs between Sepirah 3 (Binah / Understanding) and Sepirah 5 (Chesed / Severity / Mercy). As such, it unites Understanding and the seat of the Kingdom with the Radical Intelligence and the ability to adapt circumstances.

Cube of Space

In the Cube of Space created by assembling the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 7th Path lies at the bottom of the Eastern face (Key 3: The EMpress and the planet Venus) and the Easternedge of the Below card (Key 2: The High Priestess and the moon). The 7th path is a path of rest, a charioteer stopped beyond the water's edge, a cosmic canopy of stars overhead and a pair of Sphinxes at the ready. It connects the Heirophant with the EMperor.

3 & 7 Coincidences

A curious theme of 7s and 3s ... a set of coincidences? Venus is Key 3 associated with The Empress in the Tarot. And Venus is also Sephirah 7 on the Tree of Life.

3 = 7 = 10 ...or is it 3 + 7 = 10





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