Do You Know How To Become The Ideal Job Candidate?


Ideal Job Candidate (Work Art Postcard)




Investing In Yourself & Your Dream Job

Do you want to become the ideal candidate for your dream job ... the only one the company wants to hire for the position? Is there a company you are dying to work for but can't figure out how to get your foot in the door?

The answer is to become the dream candidate for the position.

How Do I Become The Ideal Job Candidate?

Once you understand that you want to become something, you are halfway there. And once you know what a dream candidate is and isn't, you have a great head start on landing your dream job.


Start with Where You Are

You begin with exactly where you are now ... and understanding where you stand in terms of your current skills, job and industry knowledge, work experience, work ethic and attitude.

These five elements make up the core of what makes an ideal job candidate so perfect for a position that the interviewer knows it almost right away.

Ideal candidates don't talk themselves into a position, their previous work and portfolio show they can already excel at the job ... so it is a matter of seeing if the personalities match and working out the details.

Just so you know, here are the five elements ...



So How Do I Get Started?

Knowing what hiring managers are looking for is one thing .. but becoming it takes a lot of work ... an investment in your self and your future. Quite honestly, unless it is for a job that you love ... your dream job ... it is probably not worth it.

But if you love what you do ... or know what you want to spend you life doing because you love it and are drawn to it like nothing else ... then it is not a lot of work at all. Doing what you love is more like play .. its fun and inspiring.

How many hours do you spend doing what you love just for fun? Would you like to turn that time into an investment in your future?

Taking Stock

If so, then you want to take stock of how close you are to being the ideal candidate for your dream position .. a job you will love ...

It starts with knowing where you are now in terms of the five areas above in terms of your dream job. How is your skill level and do you have all the skills you need? Where are you in terms of your industry knowledge? What about your work experience .. do you have enough and the right kinds?



This exercise is a great one for helping you see if you are serious about finding and landing your dream job ... and beginning to see what it will take to become the ideal person for the position.

Whether you are just about there, or you are have a long way to go ... it all begins with setting a goal and being inspired to turn your dreams into reality. Next, you will want to ...


create a vision of contribution


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