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Love is a joyous affair between the essence of life and the potential of the universe. If you feel like you are somehow not getting enough, then you probably are not making enough. Come learn what love is, how to create it and how to share it so that your cup (some would say the holy grail) funneth over ...

If you long to sip the wine of the Beloved, it is time to belly {dance your Way} up to the bar!



Discover Your Loves

Figuring out what love really is a critical first step. But exactly how do you discover who really loves you? Dating questions and more ...


Create Extraordinary Love

Love is both a noun and a verb. Learn about love styles and the critical tasks of love.


Make Sense of Love

In the Game of Love amazing things can happen. It can turn your head, sweep you off your feet, or make you feel like someone has circumcised your heart with a bread knife. But if you play, you always win some prize in understanding your Self and the Other.


Succeed at Love

Learn Love's Lessons
Learn Essential Love SKills






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