Want To Find A Way To Make
The World Better?


The world can be your oyster, if you know how to
give birth to ideas like Venus.

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World as Palace, World as Place

The world is always in need of ways to become a much better place for humans, as well as the biodiversity of the Earth, to life and thrive.

So a simple way to meet that need is to find your own unique way of making the world a much better place to live for all of us.

Sure a bit of genius is required, but flashes of genius are like lightening ... which spirals from the sky and hits the place most in need of it ...

The Challenge

Here is the challenge .... find a idea that will make the world your own ... an idea that benefits everyone .... that brings us all into more balance or harmony.

You could focus on fixing what is broke ... or invent new and better ways of doing what comes naturally to the world.


Finding Inspiration

The World, the way it works ... or should ... is the place to find inspiration. And it does not take much, just one good idea ... well thought out, tested in the real world and given the wings to succeed.

For an idea of how to get started, and a touchstone to come back to ... take a look at Paying It Forward. Study how nature makes things work ... there are millions of great ideas tested and perfected over a billion years. From environmentally powered engines in bacteria to the stick-to-it-ness of the burr that became Velcro® ....

It is all up to you. Got any good ideas?


P. S. You might want to start a journal to record all of your ideas.



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