Is There More To Life Than Making A Living?


Learn What You Excel At and ‘Find Your Thing’

"Some days you can be on top of the world ... and then feel like the biggest flop, the scrounge of the earth, the piece of gum everyone scraps off the soul of their shoe. You feel Soulless, unloved, lost. And then something happens, and the world looks brighter, things might just work out."

The Wise Woman's words made me think about my time as a student ... and all the opportunities I had had.

The world, your parents, your teachers and the culture are all telling you to grow up, get good grades, be normal, get an education, find a good job, and settle down.

The enthusiastic ones are telling you to go be somebody, achiever something great, change the world, make your mark or at least a lot of money.

But what do I really want*? Do I want success and money? Will that make me happy? Do I want to be great and admired? Or just to feel like I am doing exactly what I was meant to do?

Life did seem like a mess sometimes .. but at others, it seem full of possibility ... if only I could find my way. But how did I find my way?

Was the Art Gallery right? Was there was something beyond learning the basic knowledge of my culture? Beyond figuring out how to employ the technology of my era .. to make a living?

Were there back doors and secret passages for those who wanted something more from Life? Could I choose something besides going on the standard ride through the Haunted House or It's A Small World?

How Would I start? Where did my path begin?


Answering the Big Questions of Life

Finding My Path in Life

Going on a Journey of Self Discovery

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