Where Do You Belong?


Where DO I Belong (Adolescent AGe Question)

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Where DO I Belong?

A key question of life that comes up during adolescence is one that must be answered and re-evaluated throughout life ...

Where Do I Belong?

Am I living and working in the Right Place for Me?

The question is more than just a simple one of choosing a location that you can call home. Because it means you have to find a place that answerers many questions and needs?

Where Do I Fit In?

Where do I Thrive?

Where do I Feel Inspired?

Where Do I Feel Loved?

Where do I Feel Respected?

Where Do I Feel Appreciated?

Where do I Feel Welcomed and at Home?


A good place to start is looking into the places you love .. and that love you.


next question: who do I want to be?


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