Do You Know The Roles People Play In Your Life?


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Often, love slips into our life and plays a role to help us evolve. People in our lives ... affect what we do and how we play the game of light.

If you are having problems with someone, do you know what role they are playing ... and does that challenge how you are living your life?

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People who love us and act in our best interests are our friends. Whether they accept us just as we are or challenge us to grow and become the stuff of our dreams . . . they act in the moment at whatever level we need. And as our needs change, our friends adjust. Those that don't often slip back into being acquaintances.



If we are in competition with a participant, they become our competitors. Competitors can all be working to win by claiming the lion's share of a pool of rewards. However, win-lose competitors focus on achieving a goal that eliminates our ability to win as well.


Rivals are competitors who compete for the same prize, reward or honor. That could be the hand of the person we want to marry, the top ranking, or the acceptance of the public. But whatever it is, there is only one and it can not be shared.







People who Champion Your Dreams & Give Them Wings







Intimacy Levels & Roles


People not only play roles, but have different levels of intimacy and thus impact on our lives. Intimacy, here, is how much of our real selves, our souls and our deepest dreams and fears we share or show them. Strangers sometimes can see behind the veil of mediocrity we adopt to be accepted in our culture and society. And they can often have a profound impact on our lives ... seeing with clearer eyes than those who are a permanent part of our lives.

Have you thought lately about the relationship you have with people and how intimately your life entwines theirs? How much you mask who you really are or want to become, even from your closest firends and family? And how the perfect stranger at the right time can change our lives with a few words?

Take a moment to look at the people around you from the standpoint of how intimate you are with them, what you share and how much they see of the real you.





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