Want To Find Your Spiritual Gifts & Talents?



Gifts & Talents of The Spirit

Are you looking for your spiritual gifts and talents? Curious how to use your gifts to fulfill your life calling and purpose?

The gifts of the spirit come in all shapes and sizes. Although the Bible cites the nature of these gifts ...

wisdom   knowledge   faith

discerning spirits

healing    prophecy    miracles

speaking and interpreting the divine language


.. the benevolence of the holy spirit (and some point to the Sepiroth 4 on the Tree of Life) provides gifts for everyone to create a life and a world they love. Since spirit resides in every living thing, its gifts flow from this inner essence ... and only need to be tapped into.

Talents, like the Biblical story alludes to, involve an investment of time and energy to make them develop, grow or multiply. Left buried within us, they do not contribute to the world and thus are not wisely used.

How To Find Your Spiritual Gifts & Talents

If you are ready to start looking for your own unique gifts and talents, the answers are all around you ... in the things you love, the problems you love to solve and the daily activities that inspire and the life experiences that delight you.

To find yours, here are a few of the tools I recommend ...



What's So Spiritual about Your Gifts?  

This discusses how the Holy Spirit provides gifts that match our calling, and helps you explore what spiritual gifts your have been given.





Finding Your Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire 

This book outlines and describes (with scriptural references) 27 spiritual gifts and offers over 100 questions to help you identify yours.





Discover Your God-Given Gifts  

This updated version discusses how the Holy Spirit offers worksheets and guidance to discover your spiritual gifts and understand how they shape your personality and life calling.





Your Special Gift  by Max Lucado

This inspirational story makes a great gift for the child or adult who needs to discover (or rediscover) that they are special and have gifts and talents that are unique to them.




Spiritual Journaling: Recording Your Journey Toward God  

A beautiful book that covers the art of writing a journal that captures your spiritual journey. Works well for groups as well as individuals.

Using Your Spiritual Gifts

What you apply your gifts and talents to .. depends on the issues, problems and needs that you love. From ending world hunger to creating more peace and love in the world ... it is up to you to listen to your heart's desire and figure out where your talents can best be used to help the world evolve.

To Learn More ...

To read more about gifts and talents and explore how to start apply yours to practical problems and issues, you can explore how to discover your spiritual gifts, visit an Online Spiritual Gifts Test, read descriptions of the spiritual gifts

or try these pages ...



Find Your Gifts & TaLents

Inspiring Quotes: Gifts & Talents

Inspiring Movies: Gifts & Talents

Book: Find Your Gifts & Talents


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