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Inspiration for Finding Your Life Purpose

Do you know what you are supposed to be doing with your life? Curious about who you are meant to become and how to start fulfilling your life purpose?

If so, it may be time to get serious and gain some inspiration and encouragement from example, as well as all the life purpose statements on this site.

Life Purpose Statement Sample (Before)

Here is a typical sample statement before exploring in-depth what your life purpose is ...


I Think I Want to...

... take care of people like my aging grandmother, sharing compassion and love while creating special moments in the lives of the terminally ill. I want to help them face death with grace and humor, and know they are loved and valued.


My Life Purpose Statement Ingredients

If you answer the questions that help you discover who you are meant to become, you can develop a list of ingredients that describe the things, activities, talents, experiences, knowledge, problems, people and places you love. And these form the foundation for crafting your life purpose statement.


Gifts & Talents: What I Am Great At ...



Things I Love: What I Want To Work With ...


Activities I Love: What I Would Love To Get Paid To Do ...


Places I Love: Where I Would Love To Work ...


People I Love: Who I Would Love To Work With and For ...


Experiences I Love: What Makes My Workday Amazing


Needs, Problems I Love: What I Would Love To Have An Impact On ...


A Title For Your Life Purpose Statement

After you have your ingredient list, the next step is coming up with a title. This is key, since it helps you focus on what you really want to do with your life ... and gives you a way to talk with others and look for jobs.


humor columnist for Silver Set magazines and websites

workshop and conference speaker on humor about dying and ill health

medical researcher and developer of alternative healing methods using humor

Each of these speaks to all the ingredients -- but which one fits best depends on which one best fits you and how you envision your life and lifestyle.

Life Purpose Statement (After)

Here is the final detailed life purpose staement that speaks to the heart of this life purpose.


My Purpose In Life Is ...

... to learn how to use humor and knidness to help people adjust to the inevitable changes that come with aging and ill health.

I want to use my ability to connect with people who are terminally ill and dying, and help and their caregivers deal with the emotional stress of the dying process. I want to use my love of humor and my knack with finding, creating and sharing corny jokes about getting old and dying -- to help break down the barriers that isolate people who are dying and help their families, friends and cargeivers cope.

I love to have an audience on the edge of their seats with laughter, and to bring smiles to those who are in pain and feeling hopeless. I also love to put my writing skills to good use touching the lives of people I will never meet with humor and compassion that lowers stress levels.

I would love to work across the health care spectrum -- from medical schools and nursing homes to health care company conference rooms -- to share ideas, humor and compassion -- and get the kessage out that laughter can heal.




The Next Step ...

Now that you have seen the difference having a list of ingredients and a title for your life purpose can have to bring clarity to the question ...

What Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?

... is it worth taking the time to find your own ingredient list so you can write your own life purpose statement?


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