Does Green Language Use Alternative Spellings?


Green Language Usage: Copper Scroll (Ancient Text Mystery)

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Looking for a few few illuminating hints about alternative speeelings** in green language. If you were a bell, you would be peeling madly. But if you are a spelling wiz, you could feel like tearing your hair out like some Mayan calendar symbol.

There is symbolism all around you ... and mistakes are a great way to go unnoticed in a world that is worried about getting things right.

Perhaps an in depth example might help?

An In Depth Example

Let me copy it over what I just said about alternative spellings in the green language link and then point out a few things ....

Miss speelings and sloppy writing are a clever way to encode information in such a wayy that the casual observer will dismiss as nonsense or worthless the form that the wisdom is conveyed in. Teh arrogant will assume the writer is plane ig-no-rant rather than wise. And the message will weight to be decoded by someone who can read the wisdom in the foolish rantings and marginal notes others overlook or dish miss.

Miss Spellings

Miss speelings is hinting at the same thing Ben Franklin did with his Goody Two Shoes letters. And if you follow my symbolic hint, the two whoes will take yo to The Moon, Alice ... and the 18th key hole of The Moon tarot card ... with Toto on The Fools card escorting .. what was here name ... Dorothy (otherWise known as 'thy door' if you play with Anagrams.



The wayy ... can be read as wavy, as in waving goodbuy, or as in WayY... or as in Way Why .. or as way-y, where y=9, so the Way of the Hermit or the life way 9, the Way of Potential.



The word is used twice, so you want to pay attention to it. With 20,000 words to choose from, there is no lack of interesting words to play with ... so repeats are meant to underscore their usage and call you to attention.



Thi S is a common misspelling that is really getting you to turn Chinese. To learn more, look up the Chinese word in a good dictionairy, or google it. Or read more about the teh green language word.



If you know who or what the ig stands for, you will know who does not rant. Hear a hint is in order ... try key 5 of the tarot, the Heirophant ... aka herd.


Wait / Weight

Changes in words when things are transcribed are another way to provide hints and hide knowledge within a text. Most people reading it will assume it was transcribed by someone ignorant of the language ... like the assumptions made about the Copper Scroll.


Need More Hints?

As yo ucan see, in the Ycatan (+u) ... explanations widen the net and allow for more meanings as well as illuminate. Not everyone gets every hint ... but that is part of the play on words and the beauty of it. You follow what you get ... there are multiple trails, each leading you in the direction you personally (aka knee.D to travel.

Waht-Eve-R you are looking fro (heither) ... weather it is the holy grail, the SitE of Gold, or the keys to enlightenment ... the hints and clues will guide you there by a most curious and interesting route ...


~ Enjoy!



P. S. Sum thing is peeling madly, but I won't let you trifle with it @ the Max. Is it the Oranges on the Lover's tree? Or bells in the Bat-Free?


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