Are You Coming Into Womanhood?


Life's Ages - Exploring Coming into Womanhood

During the adolescent AGe, you go through a big transition ... from a girl to entering society as a woman ready to take on the World.

Known by different names in different cultures ... these transitionsteps all help you discover who you are, where yo belong in the world and howto step into and fill the shoes of womanhood.

From the Intonjane (practiced by the Swahili) to the Bat Mitzvahs (of Judism) ... each offers the elder women of the society the opportunity to work with girls and pass on the secret knowledge and traditions of their culture. Through rituals, initiations, training, retreats, festivals and celebrations .. girls are transformed into women ready to succeed at creating a career, home and family.

A Time of Secret Sharing

This is the time when secrets are shared and hidden knowledge is revealed which help girls assume the responsibility and leadership positions they will hold in their families, friendships, schools, work life communities and culture.

The secrets shared helps transform ignorance into knowing ....

Group activities and rituals help transform innocence into experience ...


Mentors help the individual transition into her life role and fulfill her destiny. Assistance is provided through specialized knowledge, introductions, career assistance and problem resolution. And if the student is ready, a view of why a woman can also become the verb to "woo man" later in life.







to be continued


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