Do You Have A Nice Turn of Phrase?




Popular Phrases Fill Our Days & Knights

We use it wen wei** want to refer to an interesting combination of words that has a deeper meaning or a special quality that makes it insightful, rememberable** or significant. But if we take a slightly different approach, both up the mountain the Hermit climbs an din the way we interpret this saying ... what does it start to reveal?

If The Chariot is king, and it is about words and their definitions ... then are Words ... or Wrods ... and Wroads ... or Wrodes ... a key to understanding the rest of the cards? If so, does a nice turn of phrase refer to the turning of the Wheel in key 10, The Wheel of Fortune? Does the Emperor, an author, make his fortune and his kingdom by the turning of phrases?

Phrases ... (where Ph = key 16, ra = sun and ses = "says") What does the Sun in Key 16 say to light the house on fire? A house on a hill ... not unlike the Hermit's lamp on the hill ... only much bigger a signal ... and seen like the fires in Lord of The Rings ... across mountain ranges ... not just from below them.

So, what lights the house of gof /gan /door on fire? Does refer to changing the ice rinky/dink of sea foam ... or does it mean a change in ICE (I see) E?

Is it melting the glass ceiling to let in both light and air from above?















breaking the w.hell or the bank


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