Do You Right On The Money?


Manifest Postcard: Six Crowns, One Man (Right on the Money)

Sabian Symbol - Aries 3


Popular Saying

"Right on the Money" is a popular saying implying that what was done was accurate, correct, on the mark. Some think it is similar to scoring a "Bull's Eye", as in throwing darts where you hit the center mark spot on.

The origins of the idiom are not clear. However, if you take a moment and think about it, and listen to it ... the phrase, "right/write on the money" may come to make sense in connection with the action the Magus is taking ... and exactly what he/she is writing on the money (talent, crown, coin).

If this intrigues you or piques your, you might want to muse about how the Key 1 image fits right action, is related to a bull's eye and turning a bull by the nose to one side seen in Key 21, the phrase "overcome evil with good" and "the root/route of all evil is money".







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