Is Good An Infinite Sphere, The Center of Withc is Everywhere, the Circumference Nowhere?





In the Book of the Twenty Four Philosophers, there is a saying Joseph Campbell and others like to quote ....

"God is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere."

It is a mystery saying, a metaphor for an enigma. Yet, there is a way to tease out at least one meaning that makes sense .. if you complete the sentence this way ...

"God is an infinite sphere [of influence], the center of which [as seen in key 11, the ox-goad] is everywhere, the circumference nowhere."

Think about it. A sphere of influence is a sphere. It has a center -- the person who is doing the influencing. Yet, because it is not a physical thing, it has no circumference. Like a stone thrown into a pond, the effects of a sphere of influence spread out like waves rippling the surface. In pure space, those waves would go on forever. In people, who are centers of influence themselves ... the ripple effect gets picked up and may set up ripples of its own.

Curious? Take a closer look at the wisdom hidden in Key 11. And keep in mind that the Ox that is goaded could just be Key 0.








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