Are You Turned to


Postcard / Faux Mail Art of Medusa, the Gogron's Head That Turns U into Stone (ehben, sepiroth chokmah and tipareth)


Ancient Punishment or a Path to Wisdom?



In ancient Greek myths, seeing the head of Medusa would turn you into stone. And that was a thing to be feared ... flesh petrified into cold, hard, stone.

Yet, if you look for a deeper meaning, you might see something very different. In esoteric wisdom, stone is a cipherfor the combination of the hebrew letter heh and the Word ben, the father and son, and thus the Chockmah and Tipareth sephiroth. Chockmah and Tipareth are, respectively, WIsdom and Beauty, so in coded language you are made both wise and beautiful.

Stone, the material used by stonemasons, was enduring. The Philosopher's Stone (The Wisdom of the Lovers of Wisdom) was the subject of much coded language and art itself. Hercules (or was it Perseus) had the task of getting the gorgon's head ... and it eventually ended up on Athena's breast plate. (Curious, that her hair was made up of serpents, so often connected with Key 8, the tempter in the garden and the descent of consciousness into life as depicted in Key 10.)

And yes, that is the same Athena who was both the goddess of wisdom and war.

So, was being turned to stone really such a bad thing after all?








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