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Okay, so let's assume for a moment that you have created a "working statement" of your life purpose and your bliss, and have a good idea of your life path. Maybe you have even created a statement of the life you would love to live. Now is where the hard work comes in ... using these ideas as a compass to guide you through your life and all the major life decisions you need to make.

So, let's start with the three statements.


Icon: Find Your Lifepath (Discover Yourself Step 1)

Your Life path


Icon: Find Your BLiss (Discover Yourself Step 2)

Your Bliss


Icon: Find Life Calling (Compass ROse Art Stamp)

Your Life Calling



Self Discovery Icon: Life Purpose

Your Life Purpose


A Description of Living Your Dreams


These statements give you a lot of clarity about your life and making BIG decisions becomes a lot easier.

Here is how it works ...

Major Life Decision

How To Make It

the career you will excel at and love

Use your Life Path to choose a Work Path and career that you will excel at -- one that will reward you for developing and using all your gifts and talents.

where to go to school, what to major in and which classes to take

Once you know the work path and career you want, choose a degree, school, and classes (in that order) that will best develop your unique blend of gifts and talents and give you the experience, mentors and credentials you need to be in the top 1% of people following your life calling.

the best industry and companies for you to work at

Use all the ingredients ofyour bliss to decide where your life calling and gifts and talents can be best used.

which job titles and promotions to go after

Be guided by your life purpose, as well as your life calling and life path, to choose the work that will give you the experience you need and the experiences you love.

the best places to work and live in

The places you love and the people that you love to be around will help you decide where you want to spend most of your time.

how to spend and invest your money to maximize your happiness

Your extraordinary life filled with the activities and experiences you love, as well as the life themes that are at the heart of your life purpose will help you determine what you want to spend and invest your money, time and energy in -- and will yield the most happiness in terms of meaning, emotional fulfillment andgrowth.

the kinds of books,TV shows and movies that will feed your soul and improve your life

Your life purpose, life calling and life themes are all good guides to what you want to use as "mental and emotional" food to feed your career, life journey and soulful ness.

the kinds of friends, co-workers, clients, bosses and mentors you want

The people you love, along with the statement of your bliss, your life purpose and life calling all are good guides to selecting who you want to be the major influences and inspirations of your life.


Doing the work to create create these statements can be fun ... because you get to spend time thinking about what you love, what makes you unique and special, what you can succeed and excel at. You get to discover the problems you like to solve, the issues you would like to champion, the people and places that inspire you. You get to pour over your favorite movies, books and TV shows and figure out why they intrigue and delight you. And you get to dust off your dreams (the real ones) and see what clues they offer to who you want to become. And, if that isn't enough -- you get to give some serious thought to the extraordinary life you can live -- if you want to invest in developing your gifts and followingyour life calling.

If you are curious, read about the difference between guessing at what you are supposed to be doing with your life .. and knowing ...




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