Do You Know The Types of Truths & Lies?




The Ways of Truth & Lies

Truth comes in many forms, and so do lies. What distinguishes them is how much they allow (support) or limit us from taking right action. And, the plane on which we are taking that action. Archetypal truths and lies (the top of the four planes described in the Kabbalha) are different from Creative plane truths, and so on.

But what we are interested in here are the truths and lies we deal with every day.

Location Based Truths -

The fact that truth varies depending on the location of where you are and who you are talking about can be tough to understand.

Types of Truths

A quick overview of the kinds of truth used will help you make your Way in Life and distinguish truth from lies, so you can make the right decisions for your life.

What makes navigating truth so hard is that there is both perceived truth and absolute truth. People can only share what they know ... and if they only see a part of the truth, that is all they can tell you about. And, as is often the case, many believe what they see is the whole truth, so they can not (will not, dare not) tell you the part that is unknown to them ... where they know their perception of the truth ends. Put another way, if their vision is limited, so is their ability to see the truth, understanding it, and communicate it.

Many times absolute truth --- a full understanding or what is really going on -- requires many viewpoints and insightful minds which can see, understand and express the fullness of what is going on ... as well as its import.

For more ideas about types of truths, including understated, fictional, hyperbolic and sarcastic truth -- check out Parchment & Pen's genres of truth (midway down the page).

Types of Lies

Not all lies lead us into temptation or wrong action ... but many do. Here is a quick overview of the types of lies you may encounter.

See wikipedia for more in depth information about other types of lies, including bluffing, careful speaking, exaggeration, perjury and more.


Truths & Lies ... Where They Live

Truths and lies surround us. Ads leave things out or over emphasize their benefits (otherwise known as sex sells). Kids repeat everything their parents and siblings say ... often leading to embarrassing moments and revelations of truths others would like to keep under wraps.

Often hard to convey with words, higher forms of truth are often the 'sense in the nonsense' found in works of children's fiction as well as fantasy. Fairy tales, folk stories. myths and legends are the stuff both dreams and higher truths are made of. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol is a good example of higher truths about life and the process of alchemical, spiritual transformation being shared within nonsense poems and a land where imagination and possibility are at play.


If you want to learn more about truths and honesty, try the book Radical Honesty.




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