Do You Know How To Overcome Life's Obstacles?


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...what thwarts us and demands of us the greatest
effort is also what can teach us most.

- Matthew Arnold


Is there something blocking your path in life or holding you back? Often the very things that limit us help us to find a better way to do things, or make sure we truly want to work for the goals we have set ourselves.

So knowing a few facts about the obstacles in your life ... the ones that block your path, thwart your efforts and demand that you stop and think ... might help you understand the roles they play in your life and work for, instead of, against you.

When encountering an obstacle, remind yourself that obstacles are not your enemies. Instead they are your teachers ...

A Few Facts About Obstacles


Obstacles, by their very nature, challenge you to grow, change and adapt.

Whether they arise from your personal past or are part of the life path you have chosen, obstacles are good for getting you out of old habits, teaching you about the way the world works, and making you grow stronger and more flexible. We all hope our life will be a "cake walk", but your obstacles make you work for what you want and keep you fit and healthy in the process. Life can be either a merry-go-round or a roller coaster -- you can either keep going around in circles or take a ride with lots of ups and downs.


The secret of how to overcome your obstacles is learning how to turn them to your advantage.

Many things stop or delay you on your journey through life. Yet behind every hurdle has a reason for its existence. Sometimes high walls keep you out of dangerous places. Sometimes they are just opportunities to learn what a ladder is for.

To turn obstacles to your advantage, you need to see the reason behind the obstacle as well as the opportunity it brings you. That opportunity can be to learn something new, develop a latent skill, or find a better way.


Obstacles naturally arise to keep you in balance as you open up to change.

Just start to think seriously about making some changes in your life and suddenly obstacles can appear overnight. Often obstacles make you slow down or stop so past unresolved issues, obsolete perspectives and outdated ideas can take center stage to be resolved.

Fighting your way through obstacles tests your resolve and prepares you for the new reality you want to create in your life. The old saying is "be careful what you wish for". Obstacles can be a blessing in disguise by acting as a natural form of resistance to keep your life in balance. Without it, you might hurtle at light speed into the things you want.

By having to slow down to get around the road blocks and speed bumps of life, you have time to make sure you wholeheartedly want to arrive where you are headed.


The very things that slow you down can help you choose the right path.

Sometimes, obstacles make you change course or rethink your approach to a person, issue, or next step. They can often work as guides pointing you, if you are willing to listen, in the direction of a better path.

Sometimes, they are just like a porter on a train, checking to make sure you have the right ticket and are catching the right train. In hindsight, some obstacles do us a favor.

Sometimes going around in circles is the right way because that is the only path that leads you out of a maze.

Helpful Resources

If you are dealing with obstacles and need some help, these books and resources are the ones I recommend -- and you can find some of them at your local library.




Ignite the Genius Within: Discover Your Full Potential  

If you feel stuck in life, this inspiring book can unblock what is holding you back and help you discover your full potential -- through art, music and looking within for answers.



Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality  

If you can't seem to be able to turn your ideas into reality, here is a book that will help you identify and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back.



The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles  

A guide to how to overcome resistance and start living the life you dream of.



Types of Obstacles


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